Friday, May 22, 2015

Week Twenty : Part One

we were able to complete the autonomous challenge . we were able to make the robot go around the chairs 2 cycles .we are now working on the controller and arm .

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week Nineteen : Part Two

Week Nineteen : Part One

Due to EOC, FSA , AP , Super Tuesday and Wednesday testing days , the programing of our robot has been interupt alot , but believe we will be able to finish soon.

Week Eighteen : Part Two

I have been collecting the robotc codes for the squarebot arm and controller functions . when we complete the SquareBot Autonomous Challenge we will be able to screw on the arm and program it immediately .

Week Eighteen : Part One

Alex programed the robot for the SquareBot Autonomous , she has been working on it for awhile and is able to make it go around the chairs once. We are now turnig to get it to go around 2 times.

Week Seventeen : Part Two

The robot is still having trouble turning so i inspected it . I discovered that screws that secure the motors were loose and would wobble while in operation so i tightened it .

Week Seventeen : Part One

While alex programs the robot i adjust and make improvements to the arm. so when we finish the challenge we can just screw the arm on .